MNM Diagnostics to naukowy start-up wytyczający nowe kierunki dla medycyny spersonalizowanej na światowym rynku. Łączymy nowoczesną technologię sekwencjonowania DNA, bioinformatykę, data science, z wiedzą naukową
i medyczną, dla poprawy diagnostyki chorób rzadkich oraz onkologicznych.

To, co robimy, jest naszą pasją.



  • wykorzystujesz narzędzia bioinformatyczne do analizy danych z WGS
    dla setek pacjentów
  • kodujesz w Pythonie i R, korzystasz z kontenerów Dockera/Singularity
  • współtworzysz dokumentację techniczną w języku angielskim
  • potrafisz dostosowywać się do zmieniających się warunków, nowych zadań
    i dynamicznego środowiska start-upu



  • Przynajmniej 2 lata doświadczenia ...
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Ancient and modern human comparative genomics to learn about

adaptation, genes, and culture


Are our genomes helping us to adapt better to climate and nutritional changes? In this project, we will analyse archaic genomes to extract genomic signals connected to climate adaptation and to nutrition, will analyze the same signals in genomes from modern populations, and will finally integrate these data into a comparative analysis. Within the large spectrum of structural variations in the human genome, we shall look at gene copy number variations (CNV) aiming to demonstrate that they are reference indicators of past and modern human dietary strategies ...

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Professor Joanna Sułkowska searches for a postdoc in the project "Double-knotted proteins - limits of topological complexity of proteins, OPUS 16 NCN". 
The goal of this project is to develop new methods to apply experimental data from NMR and single molecular manipulation to expand our knowledge of proteins with non-trivial topology. The aim is better understanding of the influence of non-trivial topology on fundamental biological mechanisms such as evolution, function and degradation. The project is interdisciplinary and involves aspects of mathematical knot theory, bioinformatics, computer simulations, biophysics, and both in vivo and in silico studies.
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The International Center for Cancer Vaccine Science is hiring a data-science team to solve the many computationally complex problems we encounter in the search for the cure for cancer. They are searching for a bioinformatics post-doc with significant background in genomics and transcriptomics.

More information in their advert

Dr MarcinTabaka prowadzi nabór do swojej grupy badawczej i poszukuje trzech osób z doświadczeniem matematycznym/(bio)informatycznym: 2x postdoc, 1xPhD student.


Więcej szczegółów na stronach euraxess:

PhD student:


Are you a BSc or MSc graduate with computational / statistical background looking for a challenge in cancer genomics and CRISPR?


The Project: Finding therapeutic targets in cancer remains a grand challenge in biomedical research. Our genome contains many thousands of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) genes representing a rich and unexplored source of drug targets. Our lab has adapted CRISPR-Cas9 technology to powerful screens for these cancer-causing lncRNAs. This approach rests on a foundation of informatic and statistical analyses. Furthermore, candidate lncRNAs are investigated by integrative analysis with diverse clinical and genomic datasets. Both are the objective of this PhD project ...

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Artificial Intelligence Division (AID) is a part of the Institute of Computer Science, at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology, the oldest and the best technical university in Poland in the ranking of Polish universities.

The Division carries out research projects in main branches of artificial intelligence, including machine learning, neural networks and metaheuristics - especially evolutionary algorithms.

The Division is also involved in industrial application projects often aiming at the analysis of biological or medical data.

AID is currently recruiting candidates for the position of:


Location: Warsaw, Poland

Responsibilities ...

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Today (Mar 16th), we received notice of our second funded R01, which means two more positions are now available in our lab at Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan. One position is geared towards dry-lab, the other one towards wet-lab, but people sitting in between would be similarly appreciated.

The natural route would be a postdoc position, but other (for example research scientist) job types would be equally considered. We would also consider PhD students, but such candidates must already have been accepted into the relevant programs. For postdocs, university housing is available.

Keywords of the work include: single-cell, neuroscience, RNA ...

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The Boulard and Gross Groups are seeking to recruit a Postdoctoral Fellow with experience in computational biology to lead a project at the interface of epigenetics and neuroscience. The project combines the expertise of the Boulard and Gross groups in chromatin biology and neural circuits, respectively, to explore the cell-type specific interplay between transcription factors and the brain epigenome.The successful applicant will be part of a collaborative team of molecular biologists, biochemists, and neuroscientists that are working together on the large-scale exploration of previously uncharacterized transcription factors in mammalian brains.

More information on the EMBL website

Position is available for min. 33 months in the Laboratory of Human Disease Multiomics at Mossakowski Medical Research Center PAS in Warsaw. 
Application deadline: 2nd June 2019. For detailed conditions and requirements, please refer to the webpage



There is an opening for a doctoral position the group of Dr Nikolski at the University of Bordeaux, France, from Oct. 2019. 

The position is for 3 years. The project aims to develop bioinformatic computational methods for the analysis of HTS data in the context of plant virome studies. 

Detailed information about the requirements for the job, and links to the application form can be found at Dr Macha Nikolski ( can also be contacted for further information about the project. 


Katedra Genetyki ogłasza konkurs na stanowisko adiunkta w Zakładzie BIostatystyki. 

Więcej informacji w systemie Euraxes 

Francesco Ferrari
Computational genomics group
IFOM, Milan, Italy (

We are looking for postdoctoral researchers with expertise in computational biology to join our computational
genomics group at IFOM, Milan, Italy. We are especially looking for outstanding motivated ambitious candidates,
with a proven track record of experience and publications in the field of genomics and computational biology,
interested in working in an international and competitive research environment.
The successful candidate will work primarily on the analysis of genomics data: namely genome-wide data obtained
by high throughput sequencing based techniques, including gene expression (e.g. RNA-seq ...

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Instytut Immunologii i Terapii Doświadczalnej PAN poszukuje  analityka danych/bioinformatyka do nowopowstającego laboratorium głębokiego sekwencjonowania (NGS). Praca w zespole przy analizie sekwencji nukleotydowych. Więcej informacji na stronie Instytutu

Oferta zatrudnienia w Zakładzie Neurofarmakologii Molekularnej Instytutu Farmakologii PAN w Krakowie przy realizacji grantu NCN OPUS 14 w ramach etatu typu post-doc

Poszukujemy osoby zainteresowanej prowadzeniem badań w obszarze  genetyki / bioinformatyki na stanowisku typu post-doc.  

Kandydaci powinni spełniać następujące warunki:

  • Posiadać stopień naukowy doktora.
  • Posiadać doświadczenie w wykorzystywaniu narzędzi bioinformatycznych do analizy dużych zbiorów danych genetycznych. Szczególnie wskazane jest doświadczenie w analizie sekwencji genomu człowieka w zakresie identyfikacji wariantów genów powiązanych z cechami fenotypowymi (GWAS, WES, WGS).
  • Przydatne będą umiejętności z zakresu analizy danych z wykorzystaniem języka R. Użyteczne będzie również wszelkie doświadczenie związane z funkcjonalną analizą grup genów oraz ...
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A two-year Postdoc position is available in the bioinformatics group (, Center for non-coding RNA in Technology and Health (RTH), ( at Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen.

Job description 

Transcriptomic data sets from relevant strains of the model cell-factory Bacillus subtilis will be used as outset for identification of ncRNAs, their expression, RNA structure and potential RNA-RNA interactions. An integrated workflow will be established including both known tools and tools developed on demand when relevant. The work involves interfacing and updating a genome ...

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Dziekan I Wydziału Lekarskiego Warszawskiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego Ogłasza konkurs na stanowisko Kierownika – nauczyciela akademickiego w Zakładzie Informatyki Medycznej i Telemedycyny Nr ref. APL/1210/164/2018

Szczegóły tutaj:

Systems Biology group lead by dr Michał Komorowski is currently recruiting 
1) experimental postdoc (3 years with salary 6000-8700 PLN net / per month)  
2) theoretical Ph.D. student (3 years with scholarship 4000- 6000 PLN / per month), and
3) experimental Ph.D. student (3 years with scholarship 4000- 6000 PLN/ per month)
to work in the project "Deciphering of biochemical signaling to inform more efficient therapeutic strategies" funded by the Foundation for Polish Science. The aim of the project is to better understand cellular information processing, specifically how cells can derive a variety of distinct outputs from complex inputs. To ...
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IIMCB in Warsaw offers a position in an interdisciplinary project
focused on software development for structural biology of RNA
under joint supervision
of prof. Matthias Bochtler (
macromolecular crystallography)
and prof. Janusz Bujnicki (
bioinformatics, molecular modeling)


We offer an exciting research project that combines crystallography and bioinformatics,
supervised by two experts in these fields and in interdisciplinary collaboration with their groups.


We are looking for an enthusiastic researcher with experience and interest in software development (mainly in C/C++). The project is open to scientists at any stage of their career, and may be particularly interesting for PhD candidates. The project ...

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Firma Ardigen szuka bioinformatyków po magisterium lub doktoracie. 

Więcej szczegółów na stronie firmy


Nowa ofertapracy dla bioinformatyków w firmie GenXOne.


Pełna treść oferty dostępna tutaj


A 3-year postdoctoral position in computational biology is available to work on an exciting interdisciplinary project on cancer epigenetics in Strasbourg, France. The successful candidate will join the computational team led by Anaïs Bardet within the experimental group of Michaël Weber and work in close collaboration with the theoretical group of Nacho Molina. 

We study the epigenetic regulation of cell identity using both computational and experimental approaches. The project will focus on the development of computational methods relying on the integration of large genomic datasets to study the role of transcription factors in establishing aberrant DNA methylation in cancer. Computational ...

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Nazwa jednostki: UMK Wydział Fizyki, Astronomii i Informatyki Stosowanej


Nazwa stanowiska: asystent naukowy (post-doc)

  1. Do konkursu mogą przystąpić kandydaci, którzy spełniają warunki określone w ustawie z dnia 27 lipca 2005 r. – Prawo o szkolnictwie wyższym (t.j. Dz.U. 2016 poz. 1842), w Statucie Uniwersytetu M.Kopernika w Toruniu oraz wymogi określone w „Regulaminie przyznawania środków na realizację zadań finansowanych przez Narodowe Centrum Nauki w zakresie projektów badawczych, staży po uzyskaniu stopnia naukowego doktora oraz stypendiów doktorskich”


  1. Stopień doktora nauk fizycznych w dyscyplinie fizyka, doktora nauk chemicznych w ...

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Ph. D. student position available!

Deadline: 15.1.2018

Email me for more information!

We are seeking a Ph. D. student:

  • With M.Sc. in physics, mathematics, theoretical chemistry, bioinformatics, computer science, or related areas.
  • Depending on the educational background, with a good knowledge of fundamentals of chemistry or physics, at the academic level. With a good knowledge of programming. Good knowledge of statistical physics and/or theory of stochastic processes will be an asset.

The research studies in which the candidate is to participate:
Participation in the research project Evolution of gene regulation ...

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Startup (RowAnalytics) z Oksfordu buduje odzial R&D w Warszawie.

Zajmujemy się głównie zastosowaniem NLP, AI, IoT, DataScience i bioinformatyki w medycynie spersonalizowanej.

Poszukujemy Bioinformatyka na umowe o prace na pełen etat.

Oferujemy ciekawą prace w przyjaznej i twórczej atmosferze bardzo sie różniacej od pracy w korporacji. Widełki 10-16 tys/mieś, Warszawa, możliwość częściowej pracy zdalnej. Udziały w firmie!


Szczegóły oferty:

Tytuł projektu to: "Gruboziarnista metoda do modelowania struktury przestrzennej cząsteczek RNA, uwzględniająca niekanoniczne parowania zasad". Projekt dotyczy dalszego rozwoju metody SimRNA.

SimRNA jest w tej chwili jedną z najlepszych na świecie metod do zwijania RNA w sensie przewidywania struktury 3D. Główny nacisk będzie położony na zwiększenie specyficzności, w szczególności lepszego odtwarzania niekanonicznych kontaktów pomiędzy zasadami w RNA. Projekt obejmuje również badania zwijania RNA z różnymi rodzajami więzów.

Pełna informacja

The Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Jagiellonian University is hiring a postdoctoral fellow in physiological genomics

Research tasks:

The post-doc will perform the "molecular" part of project entitled

Experimental evolution of physiological and behavioral adaptations in the bank vole: molecular background

The project is based on a long-term experimental evolution program, with lines of bank voles selected in three distinct directions. The specific objective is to investigate molecular basis of the evolution of increased aerobic exercise metabolism and propensity towards predatory behavior in the selected lines, through a) identification of genes with modified frequency of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP ...

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We need an outstanding candidate excited about novel approaches for the analysis of high-throughput expression profiling data 


Our group focusses on the challenge of extracting structured insight from genome-scale experiments. We investigate the gene models' complexity as well as influence of alternative gene transcripts level analysis on mRNA expression profiling results interpretation. 

YOU must have a MA/MSc in a technical or scientific field and have experience in at least one of these areas: 

1) Analysis / interpretation of high-throughput expression profiling data, 

2) Classical or probabilistic modelling in life sciences. 

You will be responsible for the development of novel approaches ...

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We need an outstanding candidate excited about novel approaches for the analysis of high-throughput expression profiling data 

Our group focusses on the challenge of extracting structured insight from genome-scale experiments. We investigate the gene models' complexity as well as influence of alternative gene transcripts level analysis on mRNA expression profiling results interpretation 

YOU must have a MA/MSc in a technical or scientific field and have experience in at least one of these areas: 

1) Analysis / interpretation of high-throughput expression profiling data, 

2) Classical or probabilistic modelling in life sciences. 

You will be responsible for the development of novel approaches ...

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