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Post doc at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology

University of Warsaw, Faculty of Biology invites applications for the position of assistant professor (post-doc) at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology


The successful candidate will join the team involved in the National Science Centre-funded project Freshwater microbial communities in the eutrophication gradient: diversity and interactions of protists and bacteria (MicroDivEr).


The project aims to investigate the diversity and interactions of eukaryotic microorganisms and bacteria in lakes with different trophic status (Masurian Lake District). We analyse the collected samples using amplicon sequencing, metagenomics and genomics of single cells. Analyzing the co-occurrence of protists and bacteria enables preliminary identification of their interactions. Metagenomic sequencing of single-cells of protists and their accompanying bacteria makes it possible to understand the nature of these interactions, focusing on the relationships between protists and endosymbiotic bacteria as well as pathogenic bacteria. In addition, the project aims to determine the impact of environmental factors on the diversity of microbial communities and their interactions by analyzing environmental parameters. More about the project: The successful candidate is expected to join a team to analyze the large scale environmental data as well as single-cell genomic data to answer ecological and evolutionary questions.


Position duties will involve data analysis from the next generation sequencing, including diversity analyses, phylogenetic analyses, genomic and metagenomic analyses. The post-doc will be involved in preparation of publications, presentation of results, and supervision of students participating in the project.


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Position Qualifications: 1) PhD degree in biology or a similar area obtained not earlier than seven years priorto the employment in the project (note: this does not include periods of maternityor parental leave); 2) experience in bioinformatics and statistical analyses; 3) experience in microbial eukaryotes research will be an advantage; 4) good writing and oral communication skills in English; 5) experience in scientific writing; 6) scientific independence and team working skills; 7) contact with the project leader - dr hab. Anna Karnkowska (


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Application deadline: 3 April 2024