Professor Joanna Sułkowska searches for a postdoc in the project "Double-knotted proteins - limits of topological complexity of proteins, OPUS 16 NCN". 
The goal of this project is to develop new methods to apply experimental data from NMR and single molecular manipulation to expand our knowledge of proteins with non-trivial topology. The aim is better understanding of the influence of non-trivial topology on fundamental biological mechanisms such as evolution, function and degradation. The project is interdisciplinary and involves aspects of mathematical knot theory, bioinformatics, computer simulations, biophysics, and both in vivo and in silico studies.
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Ancient and modern human comparative genomics to learn about

adaptation, genes, and culture


Are our genomes helping us to adapt better to climate and nutritional changes? In this project, we will analyse archaic genomes to extract genomic signals connected to climate adaptation and to nutrition, will analyze the same signals in genomes from modern populations, and will finally integrate these data into a comparative analysis. Within the large spectrum of structural variations in the human genome, we shall look at gene copy number variations (CNV) aiming to demonstrate that they are reference indicators of past and modern human dietary strategies ...

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Dr MarcinTabaka prowadzi nabór do swojej grupy badawczej i poszukuje trzech osób z doświadczeniem matematycznym/(bio)informatycznym: 2x postdoc, 1xPhD student.


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The International Center for Cancer Vaccine Science is hiring a data-science team to solve the many computationally complex problems we encounter in the search for the cure for cancer. They are searching for a bioinformatics post-doc with significant background in genomics and transcriptomics.

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