Today (Mar 16th), we received notice of our second funded R01, which means two more positions are now available in our lab at Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan. One position is geared towards dry-lab, the other one towards wet-lab, but people sitting in between would be similarly appreciated.

The natural route would be a postdoc position, but other (for example research scientist) job types would be equally considered. We would also consider PhD students, but such candidates must already have been accepted into the relevant programs. For postdocs, university housing is available.

Keywords of the work include: single-cell, neuroscience, RNA ...

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Are you a BSc or MSc graduate with computational / statistical background looking for a challenge in cancer genomics and CRISPR?


The Project: Finding therapeutic targets in cancer remains a grand challenge in biomedical research. Our genome contains many thousands of long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) genes representing a rich and unexplored source of drug targets. Our lab has adapted CRISPR-Cas9 technology to powerful screens for these cancer-causing lncRNAs. This approach rests on a foundation of informatic and statistical analyses. Furthermore, candidate lncRNAs are investigated by integrative analysis with diverse clinical and genomic datasets. Both are the objective of this PhD project ...

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