PTBi Symposium: Krakow 2019 — Program

Book of Abstracts & Programme


Thu, Sep 19th  
11:00 Registration
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Opening



Keynote lecture: Metagenomic discovery of new viruses and antivirus defense systems: towards a general theory of virus-host coevolution

Eugene Koonin, Evolutionary Genomics Research Group, NLM/NCBI, Bethesda, U.S.A.


Session P1-1 [contributed presentations - chair W. Rudnicki]

14:20 Inferring genomic duplication events Jarosław Paszek
14:40 A linearization of a sequence graph Anna Lisiecka
15:00 Identification of unique microbial signatures in subway and urban biomes Dedan Githae Małopolska Centre of Biotechnology of Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland 
15:20 Coffee break


Sponsor presentation

Gut feeling: function-oriented design of microbial community Jan Majta Ardigen

  Session F1 [Flash talks - chair P, Łabaj]


Flash presentations 1-16

17:40 Posters & snacks
List of posters in the conference book
 Friday, Sep 20th  



Keynote lecture: Sparse modeling and inference of networks  

Vilda PurutcuogluDepartmengt of Statistcs, Middle East technical University, Ankara,Turkey


Session P2-1 [contributed presentations - chair M. Szachniuk]


Secondary structure-based classification of nucleic acid quadruplexes Joanna Miśkiewicz

10:00 Machine learning approach for general quality assessment of tertiary RNA structures Marcin Zabłocki

PartSeg - new tool for qualitative processing of high resolution microscopy data Grzegorz Bokota

10:40 Conference photo & coffee break



Keynote lecture: Charging the Code - Structural insights into tRNA Modification enzymes 

Sebastian Glatt, Małopolska Center of Biotechnology of Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland


Session P2-2 [contributed presentations - chair B. Wilczyński]

11:40 Prediction and characterization of amyloidogenic fragments in proteins Jakub Wojciechowski
12:00 HaDeX: an R package and web-server for analysis of data from hydrogen-deuterium exchange mass spectrometry experiments Michał Burdukiewicz
12:20 CBRClustering: A new method for clustering proteins based on their low complexity regions Patryk Jarnot
12:40 Lunch

Sponsor presentation

QIAGEN Bioinformatics: from reads to data interpretation Cristian Cosentino QIAGEN


Session P2-3 [contributed presentations - chair W. Branicki]

14:20 Influence of stochastic gene activation on the reachability of protein level target in models with switchings Magdalena Ochab
14:40 SVAseq impact on RNA-seq data analysis Agata Muszyńska
15:00 CytoMeth – a tool to perform DNA methylation analysis of bisulfite converted Next Generation Sequencing data Michal J. Dabrowski
15:20 Coffee break
15:30 General Assembly of Polish Bioinformatics Society
18:30 Departure for social event
19:00 Dinner at Sukiennice Restaurant
 Saturday, Sep 21th  


Session B3 Best PhD & MSc thesis awards 2018 (chair W. Nowak)

9:00 best MSc thesis competition: 

Dawid Dąbkowski Minimizing the deep coalescence cost

Michał Karlicki Organellar genomes of eukaryotic microorganisms in metagenomic data

Katarzyna Zofia Kędzierska Differential mutation analysis across gene sets in cancers

Hanna Kranas Long-range contact detection method between chromatin fragments

10:00 PhD, 1st prize

Computational and Statistical Methods for Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis Mateusz Łącki

10:20 Coffee break


Session P3-1 [contributed presentations]

10:40 How is information decoded in developmental systems? Marcin Zagórski
11:00 Interplay between histone positioning and transcription in Archaea Dorota Matelska
11:20 Can Deep Learning be a tool for feature engineering? Yes, it can. Lung tumor CT imaging case study Franciszek Binczyk
11:40 Massive-scale structure and function predictions of human gut microbiome proteins for metagenomic applications Tomasz Kościółek
12:00 Closing remarks
12:20 Lunch