BioInformatics in Torun 2018 - BIT18 — Fees

Registration fees*

Early payment before
June 12

Late payment after June 12

On site payment

Regular fee

550 PLN

650 PLN

700 PLN

Regular fee for

PTBI member**

450 PLN

550 PLN

600 PLN


450 PLN

550 PLN

600 PLN


PTBI member**

350 PLN

450 PLN

500 PLN

Student with special discount***

0 PLN !!!



Commercial participant

1100 PLN

1300 PLN

1350 PLN

Commercial participant
with stand

2200 PLN

2600 PLN

2650 PLN


* Payment can be made either in Polish Zloty (PLN). Taxes are included in the price.

** This discount is ONLY for members who have paid membership payment.

*** Student special discount for poster-presenting young researcher. Decision will be made by the Organizing Committee (DUN support).


Base fee: 650 PLN

Base fee overrides per position
PositionBase fee
Commercial participant 1300 PLN
Student 550 PLN
Regular fee 650 PLN
Invited Speaker 0 PLN
Commercial participant with stand 2600 PLN
Standard discounts
TypeValueOffers left
Membership 100 PLN 75
Early bird 100 PLN 75
Discount overrides
Membership Commercial participant 0 PLN
Membership Commercial participant with stand 0 PLN
Early bird Commercial participant 200 PLN
Early bird Commercial participant with stand 400 PLN

We also offer accommodation options which may influence the payment's value.
Please inspect the table below.

AccommodationFee modifier
Self accommodation 0 PLN
Accomodation for Invited Speaker 0 PLN

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