Symposium of the Polish Bioinformatics Society 2024 — Organizing committee and contact

Organizing Comitee

  • Robert Nowak (chair), Institute of Computer Science, WUT
  • Tomasz Gambin (co-chair), Institute of Computer Science, WUT
  • Paweł Łabaj, Małopolskie Centrum Biotechnologii UJ, Kraków
  • Urszula Adamiec, Institute of Computer Science, WUT
  • Agnieszka Skalska-Bonadonna, Institute of Computer Science, WUT
  • Gabriela Miączyńska, Institute of Computer Science, WUT

Contact us

Robert Nowak Committee Chair robert.nowak(at)
Paweł Łabaj Invoices, accountancy pawel.labaj(at)


About Organizers

The conference is organized by Institute of Computer Science, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, Warsaw University of Technology.

The Institute's main research areas include computer graphics, computer systems' architectures, software engineering, artificial intelligence and information systems. The Institute of Computer Science is one of a few academic institutions in Poland with the longest tradition in computer research & development and education. Its history goes back to the year 1953, Institute is one of the oldest academic institutions in Poland, dealing with research and teaching in computer science. So, over last several decades more then 2500 computer professionals have been graduated from the Institute.

Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology is not only the oldest, but also the best technical university in Poland; in the ranking of Polish universities, it has taken the first place in its category for seventeen years. At Warsaw University of Technology, over 160 student research groups, organisations and associations are active, and the educational offer includes many fields of study.