Symposium of the Polish Bioinformatics Society 2024 — Conference scope

The scope of the conference includes but is not limited to:

  • metabolic network modeling and analysis,
  • prediction of protein and RNA structures,
  • biomolecular sequence analysis,
  • analysis of genetic variations,
  • microarray data analysis,
  • next-generation sequencing data analysis,
  • comparative genomics,
  • genetic networks,
  • phylogenetics,
  • Hi-C data analysis,
  • molecular dynamics simulations,
  • protein-protein, protein-RNA/DNA interactions,
  • comparison and evaluation of 3D structures,
  • mass spectrometry data analysis,
  • bioinformatics databases and ontologies,
  • structural biology,
  • systems biology,
  • new software to bioinformatics analysis.

We want to make sure that our conference encompasses the most topics relevant to our field of interest, including computational methods that interconnect biology, chemistry and/or physics. We are aware that these are fields that are rapidly changing and expanding and we might have not mentioned your field of study. If you feel that your research is relevant to the general outline of our conference but is not specifically mentioned in the scope, please send us your abstract for evaluation.

The conference is aimed at  mid- and early-stage researchers. That means that we would like to invite researchers that are working towards their bachelor's, engineering, masters or Ph.D. degrees. We welcome you to choose our conference as your scientific debut performance!

During the conference, participants will be able to present a submitted topic either as an oral presentation (15 min) or as a poster. Posters will be available for preview and download a few days before the conference begins. The poster session will be held exclusively at the event in person. That is why we will only accept poster submissions if the speaker registers for the in-person experience.