Autumn Conference PTBI 2021 — Social program

Social program

Apart from the scientific program, the conference will allow for socialization with other participants and meeting new people working in various areas of computational biology. The social program will consist of two activities: scientific speed dating and writing imaginary research abstracts.

During scientific speed dating, the participants will have one-to-one informal discussions. Every 5 to 7 minutes, a virtual bell will ring and you will start a new conversation with another participant. The participant pairs will be pre-arranged, in a way that you will be unlikely to talk to the people you already know. Rather, you will have the opportunity to make new connections and expand your interests.

The session for writing imaginary research abstracts will take place in small groups (3-4 participants). You do not need to come to the session with any specific idea in mind. Rather, unleash your creativity together with your colleagues! Any imaginary research concept can be developed, no matter how funny or unrealistic. Given that there exist whole journals devoted to fictional research (see Journal of Imaginary Research), maybe it is the time to establish the Journal of Imaginary Bioinformatics? During the wrap-up of the session, we will share together all the developed ideas.