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NGS 2018 | April 9 – 11, 2018 | Barcelona, Spain | CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

NGS 2018 invites the submission of abstracts describing either original, unpublished research or research that has been published recently in a high-impact journal.  Selection for presentation as either an oral presentation or a poster will be based on the review of extended abstracts. Authors who submit original, unpublished work selected for presentation at the conference may be invited to submit a full-length paper or extended abstract with full data for peer-review to published in the ISCB Community Journal, ISCB NGS-BARCELONA channel. All posters will also be invited to submit in poster format to the ISCB NGS-BARCELONA channel.

The program will address a wide range of topics such as genome assembly, variant characterization and analysis, gene expression, population history, and disease.  Sizeable space is dedicated to submission-based presentations from the topics listed below.

Topics include:

  • State of the art technologies, and technologies under development
  • Novel software and algorithms
  • Reproducibility
  • Novel applications of NGS technologies in genomics and biology
  • Genomic and transcriptomic analyses, including RNA analysis, transcription factor binding sites profiling, histone modifications, nucleosome positioning, copy number variation, genotyping, RNA structure, dynamics of transcription and translation, etc.
  • Research breakthroughs based on exhaustive applications of NGS.
  • Clinical and translational applications
  • Applications to agriculture and biotechnology
  • Societal and economic implications: forensic law, sociology research, history, etc.
  • Economical impacts


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